Neuromuscular Therapy

Trigger Point Relief

More About Neuromuscular Therapy

At Mindful Motion Massage, we offer specialized neuromuscular and trigger point therapy to help you find relief from chronic pain, tension, and discomfort. Our experienced therapists utilize advanced techniques to target specific areas of muscular imbalance and dysfunction, providing effective and lasting results.

Neuromuscular therapy focuses on identifying and treating trigger points, which are hyperirritable spots in muscles that can cause pain and refer sensations to other parts of the body. By applying precise pressure to these trigger points, our therapists can release tension, improve muscle function, and break up adhesions.

During your neuromuscular and trigger point therapy session at Mindful Motion Massage, our therapists will conduct a thorough assessment to identify areas of concern and develop a customized treatment plan tailored to your needs. Whether you suffer from chronic headaches, back pain, or other musculoskeletal issues, our therapy can provide relief and restore balance to your body.

Experience the transformative benefits of neuromuscular and trigger point therapy at Mindful Motion Massage in Jacksonville Beach. Schedule your appointment today and embark on the path to improved well-being and vitality.

60 Minutes: $130  |  90 Minutes: $170  | 120 Minutes: $225

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