Barefoot Ashi Massage

The art of the foot

More About Barefoot Ashi Massage

Experience the highly requested Barefoot Ashi massage at Mindful Motion Massage in Jacksonville Beach. This advanced and deeply therapeutic treatment provides ultimate muscle pain relief with the use of broad pressure of our therapist’s bare feet, providing an alleviating and innovative massage experience.

During an Barefoot Ashi massage, our skilled therapists hold onto wooden bar installations on the ceiling for balance and use their feet to deliver heavy and consistent pressure, allowing for deeper pressure to relieve constricted muscle tissue and fascia. Ashi can be a full body massage service or it can be added on to a free flow massage to treat 1-3 areas of concern.

While all our other services are priced by the time spent (60, 90, or 2-hour massages), the Ashiatsu barefoot massage is an up-charged service due to its specialized nature and the additional skill required from our therapists. This treatment is specified for those seeking maximum pressure. Barefoot Ashi is not recommended for specific injuries or prior orthopedic surgeries, it is also not recommended for pregnancy or smaller framed clients. Consulting prior to treatment is required for Barefoot Ashi.

Treat yourself to our most loved modality, Barefoot Ashi massage at Mindful Motion Massage in Jacksonville Beach. Book your appointment today and experience the blissful benefits of this unique and transformative treatment.

60 Minutes: $130  |  90 Minutes: $170  | 120 Minutes: $225

Ashi Addons: 20 Minutes: $20  |  30 Minutes: $30  | 40 Minutes: $40  | 50 Minutes: $50

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