Sports Massage Therapy

Customized Athletic Massage

More About Sports Massage Therapy

Athletes of all levels can benefit from the specialized care and attention provided by sports massage at Mindful Motion Massage in Jacksonville Beach. Our skilled therapists are trained to address the unique needs of athletes, helping them recover faster, prevent injuries, and optimize performance.

Sports massage is a therapeutic technique that combines various massage modalities to target specific areas of the body affected by athletic activity. Whether you’re a professional athlete, weekend warrior, or fitness enthusiast, our sports massage can help you enhance your athletic performance and maintain peak physical condition.

During your sports massage session at Mindful Motion Massage, our therapists will focus on areas of tightness, tension, and muscle imbalance, using a combination of techniques such as deep tissue massage, stretching, and joint mobilization. We’ll work with you to customize the treatment to address your specific concerns and goals, helping you achieve optimal results.

Experience the difference that sports massage can make in your athletic performance and overall well-being at Mindful Motion Massage in Jacksonville Beach. Book your appointment today and take your fitness journey to the next level.

60 Minutes: $130  |  90 Minutes: $170  | 120 Minutes: $225

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